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What fabric is the bag made of?

We use different fabrics for different designs, please check individual listing description for accurate material description.

CORDURA® waterproof fabric: 
• Original ballistic weave developed for military body armor.
• Densely woven, high-strength nylon fabric.
• Exceptional abrasion, tear and puncture resistance.
• Designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance.
• Factory coated with a sprayed on, Polyurethane coating on one side for water resistance. Waterproof on both sides.

CORK LEATHER. It´s made from high-quality portuguese cork which is eco-friendly, sustainable, very soft, flexible and durable!

Faux Leather - Vegan Leather

What payment methods are available?

– Credit card, debit card payment via PayPal

What happens when I placed an order?

You will receive an automatic notification email from your order. If you don’t receive our notification email, please check your spam folder in your mailbox and if you still don’t find our email please write us an email because probably the given email address was incorrect.How do I know that my order was shipped?

We will send you a shipping notification email.

Can I track my order?

Yes! We will email you the tracking information via FedEx.

I didn’t receive my order. What to do now?

With express shipping you have to receive your order 1-6 days after than your shipping notification email was sent. Please call FedEx with the tracking number we provide.

How do I clean my bag?

If your bag gets dirty, don’t machine wash it. A simple swipe with a damp sponge or a soft bristle brush should be the most cleaning your bag needs. If necessary use a mild detergent to help clean up any spills or messes. Air dry only.