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Orange Leaf Pannier Bag


Orange Leaf Pannier Bag


Orange Leaf Pannier Bag

The shape of the pannier is designed so you have enough space for your feet, this way you won't kick the bag every time you are pushing the pedals.

We added a 2 mm PVC sheet on the back to make it rigid and there are also the reflective tapes sewed in the side of the bag, to make your nightly bike rides safer.

• The bag is made using CORDURA® Waterproof canvas

• Lined with lightweight water resistant fabric 100% PES

• Measurements: 29 cm tall and 32-24 cm wide, about 8cm deep

11.4' tall and 12.5-9.4' wide, about 3.1' deep

• Reinforced back with 2 mm thick PVC

• The bag closes with Velcro and drawstring

• Reflective tape sewed on the side for night visibility

• Zipper pocket inside

• Attached to the bike by web straps and strong plastic buckles that allow for the bag to attach easily to almost any bike rack.

• There is a adjustable 150 cm log shoulder strap for carrying the bag off the rack.

CORDURA® waterproof fabric:

• Densely woven, high-strength nylon fabric.

• Exceptional abrasion, tear and puncture resistance.

• Designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance.

• Factory coated with a sprayed on, Polyurethane coating on one side for water resistance.

• Waterproof on both sides.


The collections of Leafling® are made in my small home studio in Budapest,capital of Hungary. The products are designed, tailored and manufactured in complex manual work. In this work is my whole heart and a lot of time and love. In this way, individual products are produced for you in a very small edition and the highest quality.

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