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New Blog

New Cork Leather Leaf Backpacks

Adam Hegedus

Hello plant lovers, 

I'm so happy to announce the the new vegan and  eco-friendly cork leather backpacks are finally here in 3 different colors. 


What is cork leather?

When we think about cork we usually think of it in wine bottles or bulletin boards.

However in recent years cork leather is also present in fashion. Despite coming from a tree, is a very soft material. Cork leather has to it this unique, soft feel that will convert you from animal leather straight away.

As a textile, it stands out thanks to its high-durability and a unique look, but there more to it, such as being waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to maintain. All the thing we are looking for in an every day backpack.Witch is the main reason we decided to use it to create our new sustainable backpack line.

green cork midi-0273.jpg

Our cork fabric suppliers is based in Portugal. Actually, the half of global cork comes from there. Cork leather is made of the bark of the cork trees harvested every nine years. This also means that no trees are harmed during the process of harvesting. Harvesting actually prolongs the lifespan of cork oak trees up to 300 years, not to mention harvested cork oak absorbs 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than the unharvested one. So by using cork leather, you are actually helping to decrease the air pollution.

brown cork backpack-0733.jpg

If you are still not convinced, than an another good reason to choose a Leaf Cork Backpack is because all  of Leafling® Bags are made in my small home studio in Budapest,capital of Hungary. The products are designed, tailored and manufactured in complex manual work by me and my partner Adam. This way, individual products are produced for you in a very small edition and the highest quality.